10 Crazy Things That Happen If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

9. Inefficient Brain

Crazy Things That Happen If You Don't Get Enough Sleep

Any chance you are sleeping less because you need more time to get certain things done ? You may be disappointed. Sleep deprivation can make our brain much less efficient. To put it in other words, regular naps can help your brain to remain effective and efficient. Just like a computer, you must quit now and then and we must also allow the occasional night of sleep for our brain.

Studies have shown that people with sleep deprivation pump a massive amount of blood to their ‘ prefrontal cortex ‘ (forehead – brain used for conscious thought and behavior). There is a reason for that, because your brain is working very hard to overcome the effects of sleep deprivation. And all that energy is not put for any other use then only to keep your consciousness awake. So that’s a lot of lost energy , even though you thought you had won a couple of hours by not sleeping!