8 Best Cases of Google Pixel 5

There are several case styles available for Google Pixel 5. Rugged protection, crutch, professional variants and waterproof options are just a few of the styles available on the market. We’ve put together information to create a list of the 8 best Google Pixel 5 cases to help you choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Cases such as the Spiegen Armor emphasize extra protection with “air cushions” and “raised collars” for added shock protection. Other protective features of the Google Pixel 5 include military grade, drop-tested cases made of polycarbonate with shock absorbing TPU bumpers, as seen on the rugged Poetic Revolution series.

Some of the cases will be protective, but the emphasis will be on other special features, such as the leather wallet case, which has pockets for money and cards; it will fold easily at different viewing angles, to watch a movie hands-free or organize a conference call, as on the Kezihome Pixel 5 wallet case.

If you enjoy water sports or are often near water, some manufacturers have designed cases to protect your Google Pixel 5 phone from liquids and, in some cases, have added extra protection that allows you to take movies or photos, even while swimming underwater.

The best manufacturers recognize the desire to look good while protecting your device. This factor was taken into account when we selected our list of the 8 best Google Pixel 5 cases. That’s why many customers opt for a clear case that fully reveals the aesthetics of Pixel 5.

Your preferences are important to us, so please feel free to give us your opinion in the comments below.

Extra Tough – With Built in Screen Protector – Poetic Revolution Series Case. Double Layer Protection

For Pixel 5 owners who want full protection, the Poetic, checks most of the boxes. The military grade drop protection guarantees the protection of the case. A tempered glass screen protector is supplied with the case to prevent scratches to the screen, but you can use your own if you wish. The Pixel 5 protection will also make you look good: the blue color is modern and fresh, while the case is slim overall.

The extra feature I like about this case is the support foot that removes easily, allowing you to see the phone in landscape or portrait mode.

13 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases
8 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases

Clear and Simple – Google Pixel 5 Crystal Clear Case, Transparent, Shockproof, Silicone Soft Case

Sometimes pure simplicity works and is a winner for Pixel 5. Not only is it incredibly durable, but the phone case will allow you to see all the shiny surfaces and beautiful lines of your Google device. This wonderful case features shock-resistant technology with four air-cushioned corners for the mishaps we all know about.

Despite the integrated buttons, the case remains elegant and slim. Overall, it fits snugly and the fingerprint scanner works perfectly with the soft-touch case in place. The USB port works well for charging and syncing, which is ideal for spending. The scratch-resistant material, rated 3H, protects all sides and back from scratches, which is reassuring.

13 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases
Google Pixel 5 Crystal Clear Case

Grippy & Harder to Drop – Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case for Pixel 5

It’s often the nuances that can make you choose one phone business over another. This Spigen is light and resistant, but with its matte texture, you’re less likely to drop your Pixel 5 first. Air cushion protection is built in in case an unwanted accident should ever happen.

One advantage of this enclosure is that Spigen has added sound tunnel technology that improves the quality of the speakers. It’s a slim case that slips easily into your pocket. A good choice in our list of the 8 best Google Pixel 5 phones.

13 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases
Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case for Pixel 5

Classic Leather Card Holder Style – KEZiHOME Case Pixel 5 Case

With a soft silicone base for shock absorption, the Kezihome protects your phone while acting as a wallet. Three car pockets and a money pocket fit perfectly into this trendy design. The case closes securely, held by a magnetic seal and, as I touched it before, it folds up at different angles to allow you to enjoy hands-free video calls or watch movies with ease. It’s definitely a case that won’t disappoint you and is among the 8 best Google Pixel 5 cases.

13 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases
Genuine Leather Flip Folio Case

Budget Clear Option – SPARIN [2 Pack] Pixel 5 Case with Soft TPU, Shock Absorption

When you proudly look at the curves and dazzling finish of your Google Pixel 5, to some owners the last thing they want to do is hide the phone behind another layer of colored plastic. With decent protection including a 1 mm raised bezel around the phone and corner bumpers you can protect your pixel 5 and look good doing it.

The case hardly appears to be there  with its clear look. Made from soft TPU many customers speak highly of its slim fit design and all for a budget price compared with others on the list of Best Google Pixel 5 Cases.

13 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases
Budget Clear Option – SPARIN

Tough Nut to Crack – Spigen Rugged Armor Case For Google Pixel 5

Made of carbon fiber, Spigen’s “rugged” weave is both strong and flexible, making it easy to hang on your Pixel 5. A raised lip over the edges of the screen and “Air” bumper protection in the corners ensure the phone is protected. The quality of the speakers is improved thanks to “Sound Tunnel Technology”.

Wireless charging works well, as expected, and wireless quick charging is also supported, provided your charger is designed for this. A sure buy on the index of the 8 best Google Pixel 5 cases.

13 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases
Spigen Rugged Armor Case Designed for Pixel 5

Environmental & Trendy – Anccer Colorful Series Google Pixel 5 Cases

Offered in several trendy colors, Anccer is fashionable but also a good protection for your Google Pixel 5 phone. The lightweight design is 0.3 inches thick and fits the phone like a glove. These days, it’s always a bonus when a product is made with an environmentally friendly material and that’s why it’s firmly cemented into our list of the 8 best Google Pixel 5 cases. This low-cost case also comes with a hotline, which is always good news. The official color, by the way, is sage.

13 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases
Environmental, Pixel 5 Case

Ironclad Protection Plus Kickstand – OtterBox Defender Series Case for Google Pixel 5

Otterboxes are well known in the world of device protection. Their long-standing reputation deserves to be taken into consideration in your choice. The belt clip is quite unique among the phone cases section. The additional advantage is that it also serves as a support for hands-free operation.

Dust and debris don’t stand a chance against the port lids while the multi-layers are part of the Otterbox protective armor. OtterBox comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

13 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases
OtterBox Defender Series Case


We hope that this list of the “5 best Google Pixel 5 cases” will meet your needs. The advantage of this list is that each case can be purchased for a price ranging from a few cappuccinos to many cappuccinos, which is not a lot. Why not buy two and see which case suits you best?

If you’re the type of person who enjoys outdoor activities like mountain biking or climbing, where your phone tends to fall off regularly and quickly, you’ll better protect your investment with a “rugged” case like the Otterbox. One of the main reasons for this robustness is that it attaches to your belt to prevent falls. In addition, in the event of a fall, this superb case has a solid all-round protection to protect your Google Pixel 5.

If you’re looking for an original phone case that will make you smile, the Bentoben sucks in light during the day and becomes a glow in the dark case at night. Complete protection for your Google Pixel 5 and a head-turner at the same time.

For water sports enthusiasts, Joto’s universal Waterprood case allows you to film, photograph or do most of your work with your phone up to a depth of 30 meters – incredible, and a great gift for your friends or family without having to worry about which phone model they have.

If you want the added security of a tempered glass screen protector with your case, the Poetic Revolution series offers excellent value for money. Not only does it offer first-class screen protection and protection, but also the luxury of a tablet so you can look at your desk or in a coffee shop with complete freedom. It’s all very simple.

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