Best 5 Bluetooth Key Trackers For 2021

I’m one of those people who have this habit of losing things all the time, whether it’s car keys, my cell phone or my wallet. It’s pretty annoying when I’m already late, and searching my stuff takes another 20 minutes. 5 Best Bluetooth Key Trackers for 2021 was written to help people like me.

These little chips can be attached to your valuables (car keys, wallet, cell phone and even your pet) and help you find them when they get lost. I’m sure there are many people who tend to forget like me and that’s why this article is dedicated to all the best Bluetooth key trackers of the year 2021 that are available on the market.

We have been testing a number of the best Bluetooth key trackers for weeks now and have narrowed down the list of the best once and for all for you. These are the best Bluetooth key trackers in terms of performance, quality, coverage, alarm tones, battery life, etc.

These tiny but better Bluetooth key trackers even help you find your cell phone when it is in silent mode and some of them even help you click on the selfies, eliminating the need for a self-help stick. What more do you need for a device that helps you find your lost items in no time at all and with a simple touch of the screen?

The Best Bluetooth Key Trackers 2021

1. Tile Mate Best Bluetooth Key Tracker

Tile is the best selling product on the list of the best Bluetooth Key Trackers 2021. If you’re a person who keeps forgetting your keys and cell phone in random places, then Tile Mate is for you. It helps you find your belongings with Bluetooth connectivity.

Simply sync the chip with your cell phone and clip it onto the object, then ring whenever you can’t find it within your own 100-foot perimeter. It’s IP57 tested for added convenience, plus the free app that remembers the last place it saw your tile in case you have a fuzzy memory. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google, helping you find lost items with simple voice commands. It comes with a one year battery life, counted from the date of shipment, and that’s what we liked about one of the best Bluetooth key trackers.

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2. TrackR Best Bluetooth Tracking Device

We all have that little sense of panic when we seem to lose our cell phone, house and car keys. Thanks to the evolution of technology, we have finally found a solution to these problems as well. TrackR, the best Bluetooth key tracking system, helps you locate the lost object that is less than 30 meters away from you. Thanks to an integrated application, it will ring the connected device until you can find it. It is equipped with LED lights that make it more convenient to locate in the dark.

If you have lost the object outdoors, TrackR’s global crowd locating feature will alert you when your missing object has been located by the current TrackR user. It can even make your phone ring in silent mode by pressing the “How convenient is that? In addition, it is compatible with most operating systems, including Alexa and Google Assistance. It comes with a replaceable battery, the device will send you alerts when your battery is low and all these features make it one of the best Bluetooth key trackers of the year 2021.

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3. Esky Best Bluetooth Key Tracker

Eksy is slightly versatile and its concept is unique compared to other best Bluetooth object trackers. It is equipped with a transmitter that is connected to 4 tracking chips of different colors. On the contrary, it does not work with a smartphone, but the whole process is managed by the integrated transmitter/remote control.

All you have to do is attach the receivers to the objects in your home, and when they are lost, all you have to do is press the corresponding color of the transmitter to track your belongings. You can locate the object within 30 meters of your range, the remote control and the chips are equipped with lighting for better visibility at night.

best bluetooth key tracker 2020

4. Rinex Best Bluetooth Key Finder

With one of the best Bluetooth key tracking systems, you’ll never have to worry about looking for your car keys again when you’re late for work. Rinex will save you a lot of time as it will help you find your lost belongings using your smartphone. Attach the GPS tracker to your car key ring, the remote control itself you can attach it to your pet’s collar for easy retrieval in case of an emergency. That way, the next time you lose something, all you have to do is connect to your smartphone’s application.

It will trigger an alarm, flash the LED light or show you the exact GPS position of your object. It is extremely light and features a very slim design and can be carried in a wallet.

5. Chipolo Bluetooth Key and Phone Finder

Chipolo is the strongest on the list of the best Bluetooth key detectors with a 100 DB sound every time you press the ring button. It’s splash-proof and works trouble-free for up to a year without the need for a battery change or additional charging. In addition to the built-in application, it remembers the last place where the attached object was located.

If you are unable to locate the object, members of the community are always welcome to help you. Mark the lost object and every time a Chipolo member approaches your object, you will receive an alert with the current location.

best bluetooth key tracker 2020

I hope this list of the best Bluetooth key tracking systems for 2021 will help you choose the one that suits you best. All the best Bluetooth key tracking devices are very inexpensive and very useful. Once you use them, you will become addicted to them and will always want more.

Some of them are even available in sets of 3 or 4, allowing you to connect to multiple devices individually. We will continue to update this list with the best Bluetooth key search devices to come.

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