8 Best GoPro Hero 8 Black Accessories

GoPro sometime before launched its new action camera, GoPro Hero 8 Black with a number of amazing additions and changes to the working of the camera. Of all the interestingly new features, the ability to shoot 4K videos at about 60FPS and the new HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization are the ones that caught everyone’s eyes. GoPro Hero 8 Black is great out of the box to shoot some amazing videos but adding a bunch of best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories makes it even better. 

In this article, we are going to discuss all the best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories. Furthermore, you can also find some best GoPro Hero 8 waterproof accessories on this list so that you can enjoy underwater activities without any worry about spoiling your device.

Now without wasting any more time, let’s start the list of best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories that are available in the market. All these best accessories for GoPro Hero 8 Black will make your action camera much more versatile and awesome. 

The Best GoPro Hero 8 Black Accessories

1. GoPro Hero 8 Compatible SD Cards

First this you should invest in some best memory card for GoPro Hero 8 which can shoot anything without any lagging problems and in the maximum bit rate. This is why we came up with an article showcasing some of the best memory cards for GoPro Hero 8 Black a few days before. Check out and buy the right SD card for your GoPro Hero 8.

best gopro hero 8 black accessories

2. GDome PDS Naked

I am sure once in a while you would have scrolled through your Instagram feed and found pics with a stunning island in the background and bikini clad lady swimming through crystal clear waters and wondered how people get those amazing split screen over/under shots? 

Well let me tell you, they’re captured using a dome lens which is mounted on the front of the GoPro Hero 8. It is essentially a bigger lens that allows the camera to easily capture both above and below the water line. You can go with the more premium brands but the comfort level found by average GoPro user with GDome is always going to be more.

The main reason being that the GDome PDS Naked is very robust, practical and comes without a crazy price tag. The GDome is an awesome addition to your travel kit list, especially if you’re one of those Instagram influencers. Do not forget to add this in your list of awesomest and best GoPro Hero 8 accessories. 

best gopro hero 8 black accessories

3. GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole Tripod

Ok so let’s start this list with the star GoPro accessory – the Shorty grip. Now it’s often over looked by some of us travellers but for those wanting to travel with a GoPro this is something that they must have.

The GoPro Shorty Mini is a 3 in 1 accessory – it’s a hand grip, a tripod and a mini selfie stick, all in one, so calls the name to versatility and you’ll hear Shorty Mini back.

The GoPro Shorty Mini is a grab-and-go mini extension pole and tripod all in one. The compact design of it makes it ideal to take along for almost any casual activity. Throw it in your pocket on your way out the door, and what you will have is a perfect little partner to position your camera and get the best shot with.

There are notably two models, the pocket-size Shorty (4.6 inches, 11.7cm) is the perfect partner for all on-the-go activities, travelling and more

The Extend Shorty with size up to 8.9 inches is great for group shots, selfies and other hard-to-reach angles. Definitely the first one to go in the list of best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories.

best gopro hero 8 black accessories

4. GoPro The Handler Floating Hand Grip

The second on the list is GoPro “The Handler Floating Hand Grip” which is designed with great dedication to give you the most out of your GoPro Hero 8 camera. With features like, stability increasing, Handler Floating Hand Grip will help you in capturing steadier footage compared to holding the camera by hand and that is why you can see this one in our list of best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories. 

 Also, this handler is going to keep your GoPro camera afloat so that you can shoot both in and around the water easily. The GoPro Handler Floating Hand Grip comes with comfortable and secure grip that is designed with soft and non-slip material making it comfortable to hold, providing a more secure grip to your Hero 8 black.

GoPro The Handler is a perfect tool for water sports since it can capture immersive POV footage while surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, boating, and many other water activities making it the perfect choice for water lovers.

best gopro hero 8 black accessories

5. GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty

Another one of the most overlooked and relatively cheap addition to your GoPro Hero 8 black kit bag would be a mouth mount that would allow you to get some really awesome POV angles while keeping your GoPro Hero 8 black safe.

Designed for surfing and other strong aquatic activities requiring both hands, the GoPro Bite Mount with Floaty lets the user capture stable POV footage while keeping the HERO8 action camera secured in their mouth.

The Bite Mount itself uses the standard GoPro 3-prong accessory interface for securing the camera allowing a range of motion for adjusting the camera angle. Plus, for additional security the front of the mount has a built-in mounting buckle for connecting with any other GoPro buckle mounts.

The bright orange Floaty is meant to be affixed to the back door, and if you ever happen to drop your camera, the Floaty is going to keep it at the water’s surface. Since it being brightly coloured, the Floaty is easily visible for you to find your camera in the water. This one is definitely one of the best GoPro Hero accessories who love water sports and surfing. 

best gopro hero 8 black accessories

6. GoPro Protective Housing

Gear up your GoPro with the GoPro Protective Housing for extra protection during extreme outdoor activities and understandable deep-water diving. Coming with abilities of being waterproof to depths of 196m, the Super Suit is great for SCUBA activities. 

Since the Super Suit completely surrounds the Hero 8 Black, it becomes ideal for adventures in areas with fine sand and dust, or where the camera may come in contact with debris too.

If the 196m depth protection is not needed by you, the waterproof backdoor can be changed with the skeleton backdoor, allowing the user for touchscreen operation. With the waterproof backdoor installed, operation of the GoPro is limited to one-button navigation and remote control only. To keep image quality intact, the glass lens on the front is flat, to avoid any kind of extra distortion or diffraction. Don’t you think so this one deserved to be in the list of best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories. 

best gopro hero 8 black accessories

7. SP Gadgets POV Pole for GoPro

The black SP-Gadgets 36″ P.O.V. Pole is an incredible telescoping pole mount for GoPro HERO 8 Black action cameras. It comes featuring a twist-locking design and with the ability to extend from 11.25cm to up to 36.00cm!!!

A three-prong mount on the SP-Gadgets 36″ P.O.V. Pole allows the user to attach it to most GoPro HERO housings including the Hero 8 Black. It also comes with Dual-diameter handgrip with texturized EVA surface for sturdier and risk-free operation.

The SP-Gadgets 36″ P.O.V. Pole comes with adjustable wrist strap and carabiner and an affordable price tag!

best gopro hero 8 black accessories

8. Ho Stevie! Premium Armband Leash

Always wanted to take your GoPro Hero 8 Black surfing or in the sea but worried about dropping it from your hands, losing it or anything similar along those lines?

Well the Armband Leash from the warehouses of Ho Stevie! Its a solid choice for easily securing your GoPro to your arm with a surfboard style leash setup.

It is well worth the price tag for anyone who is in to shooting with their GoPro in the water – whether using the mouth mount or any other handle for that matters and that is why we have put this one in our list of best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories. 

best gopro hero 8 black accessories

I hope the following post will help you in choosing the most efficient GoPro Hero 8 accessory to accompany your action camera. We will be upgrading the list with more upcoming best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories for you to buy.

If you have already used any of the listed products from the list of best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories, feel free to share your experience in the comment section below. Most of these best GoPro Hero 8 Black accessories are official from GoPro and we soon be coming up with an article listing best third-party GoPro Hero 8 accessories.