My drawing style is characterized by highlighting the beauty of the people I draw, I will never draw an ugly person for teasing, I will always try to deliver the most beautiful version of the person I draw.
THIS IS NOT A PORTRAIT! this is an artistic interpretation of yourself by me. It’s the way you look if you were a character in my comicbooks. I DON´T DRAW REALISTIC PORTRAITS!

Contact me and you will get a Pro illustration
I hope you love the result.
Thank you for choosing me for this projectI’m a professional Illustrator with more than 15 years of experience working in the area. I’m a Wacom Ambassador for LATAM. I’m a teacher of illustration with a lot of knowledge in comics, anime and Cartoon designs. 

Also I can create a character based in your description and reference.
If you don´t like the result of the caricature you can´t send another picture of reference because that counts as a new one order. So please be sure to send a good resolution picture when you make the order!