Top 10 Women’s Perfumes for 2019

10. Britney Spears Women’s Fantasy Eau de Parfum


  • Light and sweet-scented perfume
  • Reminiscent of cotton candy and marshmallows
  • You’ll get compliments galore
  • 100% authentic & lower priced than department stores

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Ms. Spears’ music or not, women are absolutely in love with her Fantasy perfume. With its light, sweet, and almost candy-like fragrance, this perfume was made to be your (and your man’s) next guilty pleasure.DETAILS

Scent: The very top layer of this perfume is fruity (with notes of lychee and kiwi). The middle layer is where the cotton candy-sweetness comes into play with notes of white chocolate orchid and cupcake. The final layer is a deep musky scent. While all three layers seem like they may be at odds with one another, you’ll be surprised to smell how great they play together.

Occasion: Britney recommends you wear this with evening or romantic wear, but we say wear it whenever you’re feeling flirty or frisky.

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